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Video sexe irani

Two police officers stood-by, their faces covered with balaclavas - each to administer 40 lashes.

Both men then lashed Ghanbari, taking the cane back behind their heads to guarantee maximum impact, each stroke leaving a distinctive red mark and bruising on his back. It was unclear exactly what his offence had been as the country's strict morality laws cover many areas, but it was reported he had been convicted of abusing alcohol and having sex outside of marriage.

As might be expected, Iranians living in low-income areas have even less access to information.

According to our Observers, this lack of knowledge contributes to increased health risks, especially for women, and higher numbers of unwanted pregnancies.

The girl gets 100 lashes because the court found she falsely claimed she was raped and kidnapped, charges that could have resulted in the men's execution.

Extramarital sex is illegal in Iran and can in some cases be punished by death."I trusted one of these young men, whom I got to know by phone, and went to his place," the newspaper quotes the girl as saying.

Soon, officials within the Iranian government were joining in, going as far as to threaten her career.

When another actress, Chekame Chaman-Mah, spoke out on Taherian's behalf, the government moved to ban both of them from appearing on television.

Because of the threats and attacks, Taherian no longer felt comfortable staying in Iran, so she fled to the United Arab Emirates.

Two young men and a teenage girl will be lashed for having sex.

A court has sentenced the young men to 30 and 40 lashes each, reports the BBC, citing an official Iranian newspaper.

Hossein Noushabadi, Iran's ministry of culture and lslamic guidance, lashed out at them in public.

"As far as this ministry is concerned, these two individuals are no longer considered to be artists any more and do not have any right to act," Noushabadi said.

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His face covered by a balaclava, an official brandishing a cane repeatedly lashes the back of a man found guilty of breaking Iran's morality laws.

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