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Take the hilarious collision between two of the Stooges.

Within minutes, alternative fact maven Kellyanne Conway’s claim that Flynn had Trump’s full confidence was contradicted by irritable press guy Sean Spicer (victim of Melissa Mc Carthy’s brutal parody, and widely tipped to be the next to go).

The most popular account is that he was discovered by cast member John Warwick.

The film was not a strong success at the box office, but it was the lead role and seemed to ignite Flynn's interest in acting.

There are different stories how Errol Flynn was cast.

According to one, Chauvel saw his picture in an article about a yacht wreck involving Flynn.

' a reporter asked during the daily press briefing.'Nope,' a confident Spicer replied.

Trump himself tweeted Friday morning that Flynn 'should ask for immunity' in the probe, claiming that 'this is a witch hunt (excuse for big election loss), by media & Dems, of historic proportion!

The dangerous, chaotic assignment brought him excitement and fame, but it also led him to his death.In late 1933 he returned to Britain to pursue a career in acting. For a while he tried to be an actor like his swashbuckling father, Errol.His mother was born Lily Mary Young, but shortly after marrying Theodore at St John's Church of England, Birchgrove, Sydney, on 23 January 1909, After being dismissed from a job as a junior clerk with a Sydney shipping company for pilfering petty cash, he went to Papua New Guinea at the age of eighteen, seeking his fortune in tobacco planting and metals mining.He spent the next five years oscillating between the New Guinea frontier territory and Sydney.

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