Lance reddick dating girlfriend

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Lance reddick dating girlfriend

Even better, the show didn't force Felton to stay in his grouchy-Brit box for 23 episodes – his character was allowed to grow and while Julian never lost his spiky demeanour, he became a valuable ally to Team Flash and even a love interest for Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker).

Still an integral part of the squad at the close of the season, news broke recently that Felton will not return to as a regular next season.

Some of our favourite TV shows feature (or featured) not just a colourful and captivating cast of regulars, but also a handful of intriguing supporting characters we wish had been given more time to shine.

This lot could've, would've, veteran Felton as snarky scientist Julian Albert in the recent third season was so welcome.

You know what’s funny is that it wasn’t challenging - it was actually liberating.

Even worse, there are currently no plans for him to reappear as a guest star and his character will simply disappear from the show. with a charismatic turn as the title character's new boyfriend.

With his suave stylings, Larry was almost a proto-Tony Stark and his relationship with Ally (Calista Flockhart) was her most dynamic and entertaining across the show's five-year run.

Downey Jr won a Golden Globe for his performance and even received a standing ovation from the audience when he picked up the trophy.

Alas, the character was abruptly written out of the series following Downey Jr's two drug arrests in 20, with the original planned ending for season 4 – Ally's wedding to Larry – being scrapped as a result. Smart, stylish Anna was originally only supposed to appear in one episode of the sun-soaked noughties teen drama, but proved so popular with fans that she was brought back for several more appearances across the first season.

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Yeah, it's kind of my biggest fear thinking I know somebody I'm going to be and then I don’t.

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