Dating yamaha guitars serial number chrisitian dating

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Dating yamaha guitars serial number

the only one i can find is 586978 and it is up inside the soundhole at the bottom of the neck. model, edition of 30, Yamaha released a few years ago. It looks just like the Japanese FG180 but the red label does not say 'Nippon Gakki' plus the serial number starts with a 'T' ...

Easy enough to hit my posts or the search engine to read if you like. but my biggest clue is the little stick-on label on the back of the head stock that says 'Made in Taiwan.' Sounds great though, IMHO. I wonder what year, or if a lot of red label FG180s were made in Taiwan that look like the 'Nippon Gakki' ...

the action is a bit too high for me but i plan to get it lowered a bit in the next few days. It looks just like the Japanese FG180 but the red label does not say 'Nippon Gakki' plus the serial number starts with a 'T' ...

i just bought a Yamaha FG-180 Nippon Gakki today and so far i am really loving it. The original concept was to imitate a D18 Martin, I like them better , the Tai model has a 3 piece back with a Maple stripe down the middle.l I just got a Taiwan FG180, and it has a two-piece back.

I have a Yamaha FG-300 that's in pretty good shape - the pickguard is original and unwarped, all original, and not played much. It's got the Red Label Nippon Gakki label in it and an 8-digit serial number starting with 11028. I do know that mine has the sold top, not a laminated one.

Other than a missing tuner cover and the usual dents, dings and scratches, it's in extremely good shape.I once heard a very wise man say: “Talking about labels sounds like a Johnnie Walker ad”.But as far as we’re talking Yamaha vintage FG’s there is a lot of information just by looking at the label (the following contains some pics from internet).Don't know if it's vintage yet, thought this might be the place to post. I've gone through the 3 - 4 google links & can't seem to figure this one out. It's a slothead 12-string dread with simple gold YAMAHA silk screen ? I thought perhaps a simple removeable muting of the high E or low C could give you a four course flavor of either instrument; or just learn 5. According to the Yamaha Archive website, the FG-512 was made from '77 to '81 so your estimate is spot on. I see a lot of these Yamaha 12 stringer around and I have definitely thought about doing a similar conversion myself. Neck width seems just right, plus don't have to mess with fbd binding.

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Any ideas as to where and when mine was made, and whether it's considered to be one of the "better" models (assuming you're someone who's interested in a guitar not made in the US, of course)?