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Dating sites for albinos

Peddlers of witchcraft say the leg of an albino can be used to detect precious metals for mining, that the hand of an albino will bring fishermen greater catches.

On this darkest of black markets, it is reported that the full body of a person with albinism can be sold for up to ,000 (£50,000). “In this house we have two little children, Gabriel and Bianca, who would have been killed for ritual purposes if we had not taken them in,” he says. Bianca’s mother disappeared, we don’t know where she went, and it was the father who was actually the one who wanted to sacrifice her.” Many with albinism grow up in broken homes, making all the more difficult the challenges of dealing with the prejudice and discrimination that come from being so visibly different at a young age. “When I was born, my parents were separated because of me,” he says, with no emotion.

“My father said very nasty things to my mother, that I was not his child.

He believed she had conceived me from somebody of caucasian or Asian origin.” Mr Mwaura was nominated for parliament by the opposition ODM party in 2013, when he was just 31 years old, to represent and advocate for marginalised communities.

But despite causing 20-year-old Leo some problems with his vision, he says he actually likes having albinism."I’m very happy with the way I look.

I actually prefer having albinism now because it makes me unique and having a good physique is just a plus," said the university student, who is half way through a Biomedical degree.

Albinism is often accompanied by poor eyesight, and the lack of natural protection from the sun means it also brings a high risk of skin cancer.

Save the Date: Our 2017 Family Weekend Conference will take place 20-22 October 2017 at the Hayes Conference Centre, Derbyshire.

With a rippling six-pack and rock-hard pecs, Leo Jonah has managed to sculpt a successful career as a fitness model.

But there's one thing that differentiates him from his fellow competitors – he has albinism.

NEW EVENT - Young People With Albinism Away Weekend, in association with VICTA - 3-6 April 2018 at Caldecotte near Milton Keynes. Full details added for the Dublin Summer Get-Together on Sat 17 June.

29/03/2017 - BIG NEWS - Bookings are now open for our Adult & Family Weekend Conference in October.

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The Fellowship is a positive and sociable volunteer-run organisation that aims to provide information, advice and support for people with albinism and their families.