Dating sims for ipod touch

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Dating sims for ipod touch

They can be either choose-your-own- adventure style or like the ones with lots of romantic stats.

Disclaimer : This guide is intended only to assist people playing this excellent game.

Technically, it’s an adventure game, but there’s enough text to sneak it in here.

Check out this instructional electronics video that illustrates the simple process of removing the SIM card from an i Phone.

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Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to test out a Japanese game without paying $40? The i Phone, i Pad and i Pod Touch have become home to quite a few visual novels. The genre is much more popular in Japan than it is in other regions, but now companies are starting to test and see if people are interested in these kinds of games in other areas thanks to i Tunes. Plus, for those who don’t read Japanese but still are interested in the genre, there’s a nice assortment of English-language VNs to try.

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