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However, the public health significance is large because of the size of the population and the rapid spread of the virus.Epidemiological surveillance shows injecting drug use and heterosexual transmission to be the major routes of infection.Nicole is a ‘digital native’ (someone who grew up with the Internet) who spends three to four hours online each day.“My school uses i Pads as learning tools and our teachers give us tests online,” she says. It’s easier because we don’t just have one source of information. I like reading the BBC, chatting online with friends, and sharing photos on Instagram.” But the Internet has not always been a safe space for Nicole – just a few years ago she was a victim of cyberbullying.

Now companies big and small are getting serious about commercializing personal robots for home and health care use.Asia is said to have the gift of time to learn from and to act early to prevent the kind of generalised epidemic that has engulfed the African continent.About 20% (7-8 million) of the world’s estimated number of people infected with the virus reside in Asia Pacific (MAP network, October 1999) but no country in Asia has a prevalence rate of more than 5%.Monsoon United Asian Women of Iowa serves victims / survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Asian and Pacific Islander (API) communities in Iowa.Monsoon’s mission is to end all forms of gender-based violence and build healthy communities through transformative justice and social change.

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